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EasyLink Global Network is the world's premier Internet faxing network. We provide dependable, and low-cost faxing over the Internet.

Use your Internet connection to fax from your desktop or scanner through the best global network in the world.
  • Low-cost rates to destinations worldwide.
  • Never pay for retries, or undelivered faxes.
  • Automatic notification of fax delivery status.
  • Multiple-retries to help get your fax through.
  • Real-time delivery - your fax is sent within.
  • seconds of receipt by the Faxsav network.
Price to Cost / page
USA $0.13
UK $0.29
Germany $0.29
United Arab Emirates $0.39
Korea (South) $0.39
Turkey $0.39
Hong Kong $0.32
China $0.39

For Local Billing See full rates lists

For more information about EasyLink PC to Fax Service: Download File
For more information about EasyLink E-mail to Fax Service: Download File

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